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Webgains is an affiliate marketing network connecting brands with customers and matching them with editorial and publishing partners.


How to create a Webgains product feed


To set up an account as an advertiser with Webgains, you need to contact them using this contact form or the contact details on their website. A consultant will then get in touch with you.



Required Webgains feed fields with a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product name (product_name)Name of the product.
Product ID(product_ID)Unique product ID which could be a set of numbers or an alpha-numeric code.
Product description (description)The description of the product can be as long as you like. Your affiliates will set a maximum character length for this field on their website.
Product URL(deeplink)Link to the product page on your website.
Delivery period(delivery_period)The standard amount of time it takes to get the product delivered.
Product price(price)The standard retail price of the product, using numbers and decimal points.
Delivery cost (delivery_cost)The standard delivery cost for the product.
Product image URL(image_url)The link to where the image of your product is located.
Product category (category_name)The type of product, which can include general and specific, e.g. electronic games>consoles.


What formats does Webgains accept?


Feeds can be provided to Webgains by XML, CSV and TXT.


How to send your feed to Webgains


You need to upload your generated file using FTP. Alternatively, you can provide the URL address to where the file is located and it can be downloaded over HTTP protocol.

If you need help with creating a Webgains feed, feel free to reach out to us below.

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