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How to Export Yahoo Store Feeds

Export Yahoo Store Products

The Process

Exporting feeds from Yahoo Stores is often complex because the XML output is very difficult to work with. Feedonomics makes it a piece of cake, so you can easily have access to all variants like size and color attributes.

We’ve Built a Powerful Yahoo Store API to Easily Export the Most Up-To-Date Products!

Why Use Feedonomics For Your Yahoo Store Feed?

Dealing with the complex Yahoo Store XML export is a very difficult task. It’s next to impossible to separate each variant into a line item due to the inherent complexity in the XML structure.

We’ve built an API that massages the XML into a form that is simple to work with, while also providing attributes like size, color, and variant price on a per SKU level.

Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics