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Exporting SAP Commerce Cloud Feed to Google Shopping

Exporting SAP Commerce Cloud Feeds to Google Shopping

The Process

SAP Commerce Cloud is one of the most capable eCommerce platforms, but there’s no native way to export your SAP Commerce Cloud products to Google Shopping.

We’ve Built a Powerful Way to Get SAP Commerce Cloud Products Exported to Google Shopping!

Why Use Feedonomics For Your SAP Commerce Cloud To Google Feed Optimization?

Getting a feed out of SAP Commerce Cloud requires hiring an expensive developer and a few months, but now there’s an easy way to create a feed for Google Shopping.

There is currently no way to have performance based custom labels that are based on ROAS or CPA. With Feedonomics, you can both optimize your data and have powerful performance based custom labels on a per-SKU level even with SAP Commerce Cloud!

Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics