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Facebook’s Solution to Safari 11 Cookie Changes

On September 19, 2017, Apple released iOS 11 and with it, Safari’s new Intelligent Tracking Prevention that identifies the sites that users interact with the most, and limits cookies and other website data on all other domains. To help capture some of the... read more
Why You Need To Be Selling On Marketplaces

Why You Need To Be Selling On Marketplaces

There are many places to advertise your products, so why is everyone talking about marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart? The biggest single reason is that over half of all product searches start on Amazon in the US.  Despite this fact, marketplaces have been... read more

Google Shopping Category Taxonomy

Our always up-to-date Google Shopping Category Taxonomy and category list can be found here with all 5,247 unique categories. The last time the Google Shopping category taxonomy was updated was in February of 2015.   Why use Google Product Categories at all? ... read more

Bing Merchant Center – How to Set Up A Feed

Overview Setting up a feed in the Bing Merchant Center requires these steps Authorize the website client Create a BingAds Store client Create and setup a product catalog Feedonomics Connect to BingAds with FTP credentials Feedonomics 1. Authorizing the Website The... read more

Facebook Introduces Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

  Facebook has just launched Dynamic Ads for Real Estate. Many real estate companies have been asking for this for 2 years since they launched the similar advertising tool for eCommerce with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.   The new ads show images of the... read more