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Jet.com Makes Dramatic Changes Online

Jet.com Makes Dramatic Changes Online     Jet.com is an ecommerce company based in New Jersey. They were founded in April of 2014 and have been growing since. About a year after their public launch, Walmart acquired Jet.com for $3.3 billion. A few months... read more

Mastercard Sells Credit Card Data to Google

Mastercard Sells Credit Card Data to Google It has recently been made clear that Mastercard has sold a great deal of credit and debit card usage information to Google. This deal has mostly been a secret as neither of the two companies have publicly announced the... read more

The Hidden Statistics Behind eBay

The Hidden Statistics Behind eBay   eBay has been around since 1995. Over the years they have become one of the largest companies in the world and have established a very strong presence on the internet. Here are some lesser known statistics that will interest... read more

Magento Bundle Support for Amazon

Magento Bundle Support for Amazon       Magento gives merchants the option to sell bundled products on their store. Bundled products are multiple products that a customer can purchase together as one single product. Bundles can provide... read more
BREAKING – Massive Shopify Outage

BREAKING – Massive Shopify Outage

As of 2:15pm PST, there has been a massive outage of Shopify storefronts, admin, and checkout pages. Hundreds of users on Twitter are upset that customers can’t buy their products during peak hours. The outage has also severely limited Shopify APIs, which has... read more

Voice Shopping’s Disappointing Progress

Voice Shopping’s Disappointing Progress   Online shopping isn’t anything new, but using only your voice to shop online is.   Online giants like Google and Amazon haven’t been shy about their voice operated shopping services. Products like... read more

How to grow your online sales with Walmart

Webinar: How to grow your online sales with Walmart Submit your details to view this insightful webinar presented by Walmart and Feedonomics.  A big thanks to the presenters Christian Januszewski (Partnerships manager, Walmart) and Brian Roizen (Founder and chief... read more