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Staples Feed Management

Staples is one of the most recognizable office supply companies. They reach out to millions of people and offer an endless supply of products. Staples has also moved into the e-commerce world, allowing independent vendors to sell through all of their channels. Staples Exchange, the online platform, offers a user-friendly way to list and manage your products, access analytics, and reach out to as many people as possible.


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How to start advertising on Staples Exchange

To get started, you must apply for a vendor’s account here. Once you have qualified for a vendor’s account, you will be able to log in here.

Using an SFTP is one of the best ways to upload your product data onto Staples Exchange. You will need to configure the SFTP settings before being able to use this feature. These settings can be found by navigating through the tabs on the left: Administration > Configure Integrations > SFTP Account.

Once your settings have been saved, you will be notified if you have set the SFTP properly. At this point, you will need to notify Staples Exchange support at:

The Staples Exchange support team will upload your initial SKU data into the database. Once it has been uploaded, you will be able to update your inventory. Although you can manually update products one at a time within the portal, it is much easier to update your products with a feed file via the SFTP server.


Required Feed Specifications

VendorNumberVendor Numbers are assigned by Staples
SellerItemIDVendor model number
StaplesSKUStaples SKU
ConditionCondition of product
OnHandQtyOn hand quantity. Must be zero or greater
LeadTimeMinDaysMinimum number of days the item will ship
LeadTimeMaxDaysMaximum number of days the item will ship
AvailabilityStatusAvailability of the product
UnitOfMeasureExample: EA


Conditional Feed Specifications

NextAvailableQtyNext product availability quantity
NextAvailableDateNext product availability date
AvailableEndDateDate when product is discontinued


Optional Feed Specifications

FacilityVendor Facility code
ItemTypeReserved for future use


What file formats does Staples Exchange Accept?

Staples Exchange accepts CSV (comma delimited) files. They also need to be titled in this format:

Vendor number_inventory_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.csv

For example: 123456_20181031_1500.csv

After you have created the file, you will need to rename the file by changing the “.csv” to “.dat” at the end of the file name.


How do you send you file to Staples Exchange?

You will need to use SFTP software to upload your file to Staples Exchange server using these credentials:

File Protocol: SFTP

Host Name:

Port Number: 22

Username: The username you created

Password: SFTP password


Place your file into the “inventory” folder located in the Staples Exchange server. Once the file is in place, it will go through further processing.



Need help in optimizing product feeds for Staples Exchange? Feel free to reach out here!

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