SortPrice Feed Specifications

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One of the most popular price comparison websites on the web, is used by millions of people every month and is loaded with features designed to help shoppers save time and money. Merchants who list with SortPrice enjoy an industry exclusive unlimited clicks on all of their product listings for one monthly price, thus eliminating the threat of click fraud that can severely damage even the most well-established retailer’s online advertising budget.

As e-commerce has expanded into the world of social media, has led the way. SortPrice was the first to offer retailers a way to sell products directly on their Facebook fan pages when it launched the Facebook store application in 2008. Since then, SortPrice has developed custom Facebook stores for more than 2000 national retailers, making it the largest social commerce platform on Facebook. In addition to building stores, SortPrice offers a wide range of engagement tools that allows retailers to tap into Facebook’s vast audience, establish a social shopping community, and convert fans into customers.



Here are SortPrice’s feed specifications


SortPrice can support .txt, .csv, xls & xml formats.


The SortPrice product feed fields are: 

Name – The name of the product.
Manufacturer – The manufacturer name of the product (if not known leave blank)
URL – The URL of the page where the actual product is on your site. (Tracking URL’s may be added)
Image URL – The URL of the image on your Website.
Price – The price of the product in U.S. currency.
Description – A short description of the product.
SKU – The SKU/ Manufacturer part number of the product (recommended but not mandatory)
Category – The specific category in which the product is listed on your website.

(Category trees are recommended) (Example: Women’s Footwear > Boots.)

Feedonomics can easily help with categorizing products for SortPrice.


How to send a feed to SortPrice

You can upload the file directly in the console or you can email your file over to SortPrice and they will upload it fr you. SortPrice can also provide you with an FTP account if you’d like to automatically upload the feed daily.

Sortprice offers both “Push” and “Pull” methods. Our technology allows merchants to post the data feed to a location on their servers or FTP the feed to ours.

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