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Shoppable is an internet technology company that focuses on improving the checkout experience across multiple retailers around the web.

How to create a Shoppable feed


You will need to fill out the information in this contact form to begin the process of setting up your store and feed with Shoppable


Recommended Shoppable Feed Fields with description of each field


Field NameDescription
part_numberReturns the part number passed.
nameName of the product.
brandBrand of the product.
merchantMerchant selling the product and the party handling shipping.
merchant_idId of the merchant.
descriptionLong description of the product.
urlAffiliate link of the product.
categoryNested categories. The category is formatted as”Level 1 category>Level 2 category > …”
merchant_item_idpart_number as used by the merchant.
customer_service_urlCustomer service URL of the merchant.
return_policy_urlReturn policy URL of the merchant
activeAvailability of the product on a specific size and color. Products may be unavailable due to it being out of stock or poor feed data.
colorsArray of available colors with price for a product. Each color also has arrays of images and sizes.
imageGeneral image for the product.
retail_priceretail price of the product for a specific color of the product..
sale_priceSale price of the product for a specific color of the product. This attribute will only be present if the product is on sale.
discounted_priceSale price of the product after coupons are applied. This attribute will only be present if the product is on sale.
priceThe lowest price for the product this will either be the retail price the sale price or th discounted price.
couponsAn array of coupons that are acceptable to this product. This array includes the type of coupon($off,%off,free_shipping), threshold (whiich is the threshold when they are applied, and the amount saved.
weightItem weight when available.
dimensionsItem Dimensions when available.
alt_imagesAlternate images of the product such as from different angles and/or colors.
free_shippingWhether shipping by the merchant is free.
shipping_chargeShipping charge for this product.
colorAvailable color for given product.
idThis is the SKU of the product of the specified color and size. This number is the most unique identifier of a product in a feed.
sizeSize of the product for a specific color.
upcUpc code for this specific product variation.


What Feed Formats does Shoppable accept (CSV, XML, API, etc)


Shoppable only accepts files directly to their API.


How to send your feed to Shoppable


In order to integrate with the API you will need to embed frames on your site. In order to embed the frames you will need an API token issued from 72Lux. To generate an API token for your domain, login to the Publisher Dashboard. Once logged in navigate to Account -> API Tokens. Enter your domain into the input box and hit Generate Token.


Need help in optimizing your feed and getting it to Shoppable? We can help, feel free to contact us below.

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