Shopbot Feed Specifications

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Shopbot is one of the largest price comparison engines in Canada.



How to Create a ShopBot Feed?

First you’ll need to sign up for a ShopBot Account.

“Your chosen Shopbot plan limits how many products you can display on our website. If your
feed contains more than the maximum number of products allowed, you will have to upgrade
plans or else not all products will be displayed. Do you have more than 200,000 products?
No worries, contact your Shopbot representative and we’ll customize a plan that fits your



Required Shopbot feed fields


ID –  The ID is the identifier of your product. It’s important that you use always the same
unique ID of each product. Each ID will then be matched to a unique Shopbot ID, so
it’s important that they remain stable (old IDs must not be reused for new products).
Example: 456

Product Name –  This is the name of the product with a maximum capacity of 300 characters, please
modify if necessary. The product name should include the manufacturer and model.
Example: TomTom XXL 540 GPS Portable XXL540WTE

Product’s URL – This is the URL of the product, the landing page to your consumers. This page must
lead the user to the correct product detail page.

Product’s Category – This is the main category of your product from your website. The category must
contain as much details (or levels) as possible. If a product has multiple categories,
please make sure the same category is chosen each time your feed is downloaded.
Example: Motors:Electronics:GPS

Image URL This field should contain the URL of the product’s image on your website. The larger
the image, the better the product will be showcased and clicked on Shopbot.
Minimum size accepted: 300x300 pixels
Image format: Preferably in jpeg
Note: To reduce your server’s bandwidth, all images given will be saved on
Shopbot’s servers.


Sale Price This is the sale price of the product including the discount. Prices on Shopbot will be

all displayed in US format.
US Format: 1,000.00
Other accepted formats are: 1000 / $1000 / $1.000,10 / 1.000,10

Original Price This is the normal price of the product before a discount. Prices on Shopbot will be

all displayed in US format.
US Format: 1,500.00
Other accepted formats are: 1000 / $1000 / $1.000,10 / 1.000,10

Product Description – This is the description of the product. Do not include HTML tags, otherwise product
will not be listed.
Example: TomTom GO 5100 Car GPS Navigator, 5 inches, screen spoken directions
including street names, extra­wide touch screen and voice control.

Product Code –  Add an MPN and/or GTIN code to your product to quickly improve the quality of your

data feed for product matching on Shopbot.
MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number. The MPN can be used as a unique ID
such as ‘XXL540WTE’.
GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number. The GTIN may be 8, 12, 13 or 14 digits
long. Example: 391521685366

Brand  – This is the name of the product’s manufacturer. This will help users to recognize

more easily your products.
Example: TomTom

Optional Shopbot feed fields
Shipment Cost –  This is the shipment information.

Example: 10.00

Stock Stock can be a numeric values or yes/no (‘yes’ for ‘available’ and ‘no’ for ‘out
of stock’). The text values are partly supported, but may lead to bad
Example: 10 or Yes

Promotional Phrase –  Feature available only for Pro clients (maximum 300 characters accepted).
The promotional phrase is always associated with a product. If this field is
empty, the default promotional phrase will be used.
Example: Black Friday sale starts tomorrow! 20% OFF all store.

Color –  This is the color of the product.

Example: red

Model –  This is the model number of the product.

Example: XXL 540
Product Type This is the product family.
Example: GPS


What formats does Shopbot accept?

Shopbot accepts CSV or XML feed files.


How to send your feed to ShopBot?

You can send your feed to ShopBot via FTP or by URL.





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