ShareASale Feed Specifications: Step by Step


If you are doing a ShareASale export for the first time, we highly recommend following this guide EXACTLY to prevent confusion or export errors.
Setting Up The Export:
1. Request the following of the client:
FTP information for the ShareASale account
Client’s MerchantID # from ShareASale
The client will also need to open a support ticket with ShareASale and get the following IP addresses “whitelisted” (as of 1/25/18):
Please go to this article to find all IPs for exporting
2. Go to the feed and create a new ShareASale Export. Full Specifications PDF here:
3. You will need to create 3 extra fields: Category, Subcategory, and Merchant ID
4. For Category and Subcategory, you will need to refer to the Google Drive tool that Ann has made to determine what the category and corresponding subcategories are. These can also be found at the following link:
5. Do a local export to determine that your values match and that you are not missing any. If any are missing or mismatched, it can cause it to fail.
ShareASale Specific Optimizations:
[in_stock] field that is either ‘instock’ or ‘soldout’
For Merchant ID, do a simple transformer that IF true THEN ‘[Merchant ID #]
No ‘|’ characters in the feed
These can be replaced with something else (the ‘-‘ character is a good alternative)
Export Credentials:
File Name: the file name must be merchantuploads/[Merchant ID #]/
Make sure to add .zip to the end of the file
Export Protocol: SFTP
Username/Password: provided by client
Export Conditions:
Compression: Zip
Zip – Inner File Name: should be [filename] from File Name in Export Credentials
Make sure to add .csv to the end of the file
Deduplicate On: SKU
Export Format: Delimited
Escape Character: “
Enclosure Character: “
Use the Feedonomics ShareASale template; this contains all of the fields that ShareASale accepts. Please find the required fields below:
Retail Price
If the client reports to you that the feed was unsuccessful, double check that you did every step listed above. Once you’ve confirmed this, you will need to contact the service desk at ShareASale, the phone number for support is (as of 1/25/18): 312-321-0487. Tell them the Merchant ID of the account you’re working with and explain to them what the issue is.
Additionally, ShareASale only allows a certain number of imports per month (31 total), DO NOT continue pushing failed exports without determining what is wrong first. If you push too many, however, you can contact the service desk and ask them to increase the number of allowed imports for the month, which they may do for you.
For more information, check out our ShareASale Feed Managment page.


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