Setting up a Feed for Pepperjam




I’ve got a feed to push to Pepperjam! How do I start?

Create a Google compatible export/feed as you normally would!

How do I label my export map?

When pushing to Pepperjam, the export map is very similar to Google. Simply use the variable names you already have, and rename the Export names as those required by Pepperjam. Here is a handy link where you can find all the fields:


How do I push my feed to Pepperjam?

Pepperjam can only import from a URL. To do that, we’ll create a URL for our FTP-hosted file.

  1. From the Imports dropdown in your database, select FTP Account.
  2. Then click “Generate FTP Account”
  3. Then, set up your FTP URL with the generated credentials
  4. You’re ready to upload! Either the client will upload the feed themselves using the URL, or they may provide you with login credentials to upload it for them.

Pepperjam Feed Setup
Click here for more information on Pepperjam feed management.

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