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PriceRunner is a Swedish price comparison engine. It’s one of the largest price comparison engines in several European countries like Sweden, Denmark, France. pricerunner


What kind of feed files does PriceRunner accept? 

PriceRunner accepts feed files in txt, xml, or csv format.

Unfortunately, you can’t submit data feeds in Excel (XLS) format.

Your encoding must be either: iso-latin-1, iso-8859-1 or utf-8.

How to automatically submit a feed to PriceRunner

You can submit a feed to PriceRunner via FTP or HTTP (a text link). PriceRunner picks up the files once a day.

You must have at least 200 products and at least 80% of your online inventory to be active on PriceRunner.


What fields are required in a PriceRunner feed?

Before we go into the fields that you need in your PriceRunner feed, you should make sure that you don’t have any HTML anywhere in your feed, and that the order of fields is followed exactly.

Required fields:
SKU – must be unique and unchanged.


Manufacturer – the manufacturer’s brand

Product / Model Name

Category – The PriceRunner category

Product URL – your product landing page URL


Recommended fields:

Graphic URL – your image URL

Manufacturer SKU
Delivery Cost


Delivery Time




The following PriceRunner fields are optional

Retailer Message – message next to your logo on your product listings

Product Code – useful to match your own products from the PriceRunner ID.


How often does PriceRunner update your feed? 

PriceRunner does daily updates between midnight and 4am each night.



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