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Okazje is one of the leaders in the Polish e-commerce market, ranking among the top shopping comparators in Poland.


Okazje product listing


How to create an Okazje product feed

You need to register here: https://dlasklepow.okazje.info.pl/rejestracja/

and then enter the administration panel here: https://admin.okazje.info.pl/


Required Okazje feed fields with a description of each field

Field NameShort Description
Product IDUnique code used to identify the product, which should remain consistent.
Product name Unique name or title given to the product.
Product description Full description of the product.
Product category Category for the product, including the path of sub-categories.
Product price Full price including VAT, in PLN. Include decimal point but no currency symbols or codes.
Old price Previous price of product if a discounted or sale item. Only included if item is discounted.
Product URLLink to product page on the website where customer can purchase the product.
Product manufacturer Manufacturer or brand name for the product.
Product image URL Link to the product image on the website. Minimum size of 220 x 220 pixels.
Additional product codes ISBN or EAN codes should be given where applicable.
Product weight Given in g or kg, in order for shipping costs to be calculated.
Product availability e.g. available immediately, available within 3 days, available within 7 days, etc.


Optional Okazje feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short Description
Attributes Optional fields can be added under an ‘attributes’ field, e.g. color, size, style, etc. These will depend largely on the product category.


What formats does Okazje accept?

Your product feed should be sent to Okazje as an XML file.


How to send your product feed to Okazje

The file should be made available at a specific URL which can be sent to integracja@okazje.info.pl or stored in your shop administration panel.


Need help in optimizing your feed and getting it to Okazje? We can help, feel free to contact us below.

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