Nanigans Feed Specifications

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Nanigans is an advertising automation software based in Boston that helps marketing teams more easily manage digital advertising campaigns.


How to create a Nanigans feed?

The first step to creating a Nanigans feed is to create an account by going through their initial signup process at  After your account is setup, you will need to begin setting up your store with a product feed.


Once approved you will use their Ad Engine to create and upload your feed.

Required Nanigans Feed Fields


Field NameDescription
SKUField for SKU number.
CategoryThe name of the category column.
OtherNanigans requires at least one other creative element.


Optional Nanigans Feed Fields


If a field is left blank then the Nanigans importer tool will ignore that column.


Field NameDescription
DelimiterThe user enters the delimiter character that is used to delimit the category levels.
URLThe name of the destination URL column: Can be used for both Right Hand Rail and News Feed.
ImageThe name of the image URL column: Can be used for both Right Hand Rail and News Feed.
TitleThe name of the title columns: Can be used for both Right Hand Rail and News Feed.
BodyThe name of the body column: Can be used for both Right Hand Rail and News Feed.
Additional ElementsAny additional creative element such as product description, price, brand, or item name.


What formats does Nanigans accept?

Nanigans wants users to upload product files via CSV format.

How to send your feed to Nanigans?

To send your feed you will need to login and navigate to the Setup tab inside of Ad Engine. Once there you will see a tab labeled “Product Feed”. Once here you will map fields and add the URL to your CSV feed file. Once you have entered all the information proceed to press the Save button at the bottom of the page to begin the feed.


Feedonomics can help you easily optimize and send your feed to Nanigans. Request a demo below!


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