Monetate Feed Specifications




Founded in 2008, Monetate is an American company that has roots in Pennsylvania. Monetate offers high end solutions for ecommerce based companies. Here are the feed specifications to get started working Monetate.

Format Requirements

Default Format

Please note, by default, Monetate configures product feed ingestion for the XML format. Prior to uploading a feed in another format, please contact Monetate Support.

All .CSV feed files should adhere to the following requirements:

1.    A header for each field is required.

2.    Each product entry contains the minimum required fields and a maximum of 14 total fields.

3.    Every entry utilizes double quotes (“) around each field to allow for accurate parsing of data. This is especially important for fields with line breaks, quotation marks, or commas.

4.    A double quote character (“) included in a field must be represented by two double quote characters.

5.    Character encoding must be UTF-8.


product_id, product_name, product_description, category_name

“33435”, “Lounge Chair”, “Chair with lumbar”, “Chairs”

UTF-8 Support

Monetate natively supports UTF-8 characters up to the “Specials” code block. To encode characters beyond this this type, you should use HTML encoding.



Feed Matching

Please note, any information that you include in your product feed must match the values that you collect on-site through the addCartRows(), addPurchaseRows(), addProducts(), and addProductDetails() methods.


Category Names and Category IDs

The way that category_name and category_id work together is as follows:

product_id, category_name, category_id

“AA329”, “chair|furniture|wood”, “c1|f3|w99”





Example With Minimum Required Fields

product_id, product_name, category_name, price, url, product_image_url

“33435”, “High Back Lounge Chair”, “chair”, “299.99”


Example With Minimum Required Fields and Optional Fields

product_id, product_name, product_description, category_name, category_id, price, alt_price, url, product_image_url, availability

“33435”, “High Back Lounge Chair”, “Durable chair with added lumbar support and cup holder”, “chair”, “1234”, “299.99”, “280.11”, “In Stock”

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