Partners and pints

Kick off the BigCommerce EMEA partner summit with a little friendly competition during an ecommerce-focused classic pub quiz

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We look forward to seeing you for an evening of friendly competition and networking.

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Event details

When: September 11, 2023

Where: Cahoots London – 13 Kingly Ct, Carnaby, London W1B 5PW

Time: 1-5 p.m.

Raise a glass

Kicking off with delightful cocktails and engaging sponsor presentations, we’ll dive into an electrifying pub quiz that’ll test your Feedonomics knowledge and channel partner insights. With top agencies in town for the BigCommerce Partner Summit, everyone will be vying for glory. It’s all about friendly competition and strategic thinking. Soak in the lively atmosphere of the classic British pub setting, where connections are forged over cocktails, insights are gained through sponsor talks, and laughter fills the air as you battle for the title of ultimate quiz champion.

Please join us for a pint and a dash of friendly rivalry as we toast to a successful partnership.

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