Shawn Lipman

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Roizen

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Roizen

Chief Architect

Gary Putterman

Chief Financial Officer

Igor Roizen

Chief Scientist

Jason Nichol

Vice President of Operations

Nate Schlossberg

Vice President of Engineering

Colin Madden

Senior Director of Sales

Patrick Hentschel

Senior Director of Global Accounts

Anthony Surkin


Dave Weber

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Dallas Moore

Senior Director of Operations

Dmitriy Ryzhiy

Senior Director of Marketplaces

Colleen Friess

Director of Education and Training

Christine Stewart

Director of Enterprise Operations

Garima Jaiswal

Senior Operational Excellence Manager

Ioana Ungureanasu

Senior Global Resource Manager

Marlon Dubery

Digital Marketing Manager

Kellie Yackee

Manager – Account Management

Bruna Cavazani

Enterprise Implementation Strategist

Our Story

We launched Feedonomics with the vision of creating the leading feed platform in the industry. We were founded on the knowledge that optimized feeds perform better. Our founders experienced many shortcomings with legacy feed platforms while managing feeds at large advertising agencies.

Feedonomics was created in direct response to the challenges we experienced in support and the ability to transform data to get the best advertising performance possible in an increasingly Omnichannel world.

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated FeedFillment™ team and innovative technology, Feedonomics now serves some of the most prolific advertising agencies, brands, and retailers. We believe in creating a strong work culture inspired by everyone in the company. We bring the best of ourselves to create an amazing experience for everyone we work with.

Find out why over 30% of the top 1,000 Internet Retailers choose Feedonomics.