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Kelkoo is a digital eCommerce advertising and price comparison shopping platform. The name of the company comes from a phonetic spelling of the French phrase “Quel coût?”, which essentially means “At what price?”.


How to create a Kelkoo feed


You will need to fill out the information in this contact form to begin the process of setting up your store and feed with Kelkoo


If you decide to submit your feed using an XML format, then the following recommendations will be helpful.

  • The name of your file must be in the following format “'<sitename>_kelkoo_<countryprefix>.xml”
  • Respect the name of the XML tags as shown in the Fields details table
  • To validate your XML file, it is preferable to insert the contents of the text fields in a CDATA section
  • The description often includes non-escaped specific characters such as &, >, or <. The CDATA section is not analyzed. Thus, we recommend using it if you do not take care to validate your XML Product data feed before sending it to us.


If you choose a text file, here are some recommendations:

  • Name your file ‘<sitename>_kelkoo_<countryprefix>.txt’ and save it in UNIX format / DOS
  • Use field separators to separate offers, the new line allows our system to distinguish between offers.
  • You can use any type of field separator.
  • Of course, the field separator should not be present within a same field (for example in the description). The tab will be the only field separator accepted for a the Kelkpack offer.
  • All offers must contain the same number of fields. If a field is blank, the field separator must be present.


Required Kelkoo Fields with description of each field


Field NameDescription
titleModel name is limited to 80 characters. Example values: “EOS 400D”, or “Pull-over 100% wool”… Leaving the title field blank will mean the products are dropped by our process.
product-urlURL of product’s page on your own site. The url must start with either “http://” or “https://”. Your offer will not be displayed on Kelkoo if your URL does not begin with http:// or https:// .
priceNet price for a typical customer.Should not include possible reduction from a voucher code…(see dedicated fields below)
availabilityAvailability of a product. Accepted values are as follow :1 = In Stock

4 = Preorder

5 = Available on Order

Your offer will not be displayed on Kelkoo if this field is blank

delivery-costPlease provide here exact amount of your product’s delivery price. This applies only for delivery at home, not for withdrawal in a shop, warehouse, or else…Your offer will not be displayed on Kelkoo if this field is blank.
offer-idThe identifier of each article must be unique within your account . It can not be reused from one feed to another for the same country and the same language. If you have multiple feeds to a country, the identifiers of articles in the various feeds must also be unique.If your codes only appear once in your inventory and comply with the requirements listed below, we recommend that you use for this attribute. After submitting an article, you should not change their identifier when updating your data feed .After submitting an article, you must not use its identifier to designate a different product later .


Optional Kelkoo Fields with description of each field


All of these fields are optional but some of them are highly recommended to use. Others are recommended and some are simply optional based on product characteristics.


Recommended StatusField NameDescription
Highly RecommendedbrandProduct’s brand: just leave empty if not relevant…
Highly RecommendeddescriptionProduct specifications. This is free text, limited to 300 characters (no use of html).
Highly Recommendedimage-urlLink to an image of the offer. Enter the largest image available on your site. They should not contain any watermark or logo of trade. It is recommended to provide images on a white background in jpg, png or gif..Minimum recommended size 300 * 300.

Maximum size 6 600 000 pixels. Examples:

* image 1024 * 768 = 786 432 pixel = OK

* image 1600 * 1200 = 1 920 000 pixel = OK

* image 1518 × 5908 = 8 968 344 pixel = NOT OK

Your image will not be displayed on Kelkoo if your URL does not begin with http://.

Highly RecommendedeanEAN code product, you guarantee a good matching at the product level. We support:* UPC-E (6 digits)UPC-E (

* EAN-8/UCC-8/GTIN-8 (8 digits)

* UPC-A/GTIN-12 (12 digits)

* EAN-13/UCC-13/GTIN-13 (13 digits)

* ISBN-13 (13 digits for books)

* EAN-14/UCC-14/GTIN-14 (14 digits)

Highly Recommendedmerchant-categoryPlease fill with a relevant category name, as this field is used by our categorization process. For example, “Accessories” would be somewhat confusing for our process, while “Car accessories” or “PC tuning accessories” have a much more better chance to to fill the proper category…
Highly Recommendeddelivery-timeDelivery time for product after order. Example values :* x – y days

* x days

* x – y hours

* y hours

* x – y weeks

* y weeks

Highly RecommendedconditionProduct status. Values expected:0 = new (considered as default value)

1 = used

2 = refurbished

3 = open box

4 = returned

5 = damaged

6 = overstock

7 = liquidation

8 = unknown

9 = download (for pure-bits products)

10 = offers for professional

Highly RecommendedecotaxAccepted values in this field (numeric):* Offer is not affected by the environmental tax, indicate ‘0’

* Offer is affected but price does not include ecotax, specify the amount of the tax

* If the total price of the offer already contains environmental tax, enter ‘0’

Highly RecommendedwarrantyWarranty applied to the offer. Typically expected values:* x years + additional information

* x months + additional information

* check site

Ex. : 2 years manufacturer warranty, 6 months on site

Highly RecommendedmpnMPN code (manufacturer part number) for product. This helps with the integration of your product.
Recommendedmobile-urlURL of your ‘mobile website’ containing details of the products and the ‘buy button’ to the corresponding product
Recommendedkelkoo-category-idUnique ID for the category on Kelkoo. For example, in the category Air Conditioner and Fan, indicate catkkid 144801.]
RecommendedcolorColor of the element. If the item is available in several colors, you can specify multiple colors, or use the delimiter “;”to separate each value.
RecommendedcolorColor of the element. If the item is available in several colors, you can specify multiple colors, or use the delimiter “;”to separate each value.
Recommendedunit-priceUnit Price. Ex. 14,56 EUR/kg, 0.14 ? per 100 ml, per 100ml = 14.56
Recommendedoffer-typeOffer type. Mainly 2 possible values : “single” or “bundle”.
Recommendedgreen-productEcological product. Indicate whether the product can be considered environmentally friendly (green):1 = yes

0 = no (or empty = default value)

Recommendedgreen-labelEco-label product. Ex: NF Environment, FSC, Fair Trade, …
Recommendedshipping-methodMethod of delivery related charges. Ex Post Office, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Kiala …
Recommendeddelivery-cost-2Alternative delivery cost
Recommendedshipping-method-2Method of delivery related charges. Ex Post Office, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Kiala …
Recommendeddelivery-cost-3Alternative delivery cost
Recommendedshipping-method-3Method of delivery related charges. Ex Post Office, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Kiala …
Recommendeddelivery-cost-4Alternative delivery cost
Recommendedshipping-method-4Method of delivery related charges. Ex Post Office, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Kiala …
Recommendedzip-codePostal code of the shop. Specific to the U.S., but necessary for all countries to allow geoloc
Recommendedvoucher-titleVoucher title. Limited to 80 characters including spaces
Recommendedprice-no-rebateCrossed prices. Price of your offer excluding rebate amount. Will be displayed scratched, next to effective price on rebates periods, and should be ignored otherwise. Strictly numeric field (no alphabetical character or symbol…), with a dot as decimal separator (no comma).
Recommendedfashion-typeKind of product (tee-shirt, shoes…)
Recommendedfashion-genderGender (Man, Woman, Children).
Recommendedfashion-sizeSize of the product. EX: 36;37;38;39;42;45
Recommendedsoftware-platformPlatform (i.e. XBox, PlayStation 4…)
Recommendedproperty-typeValues :* Buy

* Renting

* Flatsharing

* life annuity

* Rental investment

Recommendedproperty-sourceSource. values :* Particular

* Professional

Recommendedpropery-garage-parkingValues :* Garage

* With garage and parking

* With parking

* Without garage and parking

Recommendedproperty-cityName of the city
Recommendedproperty-zip-codeZip code
Recommendedproperty-number-roomsNumber of bedroom (ex: 1, 2, 3..)
Recommendedproperty-publication-dateDate of publication. Format YYYY-MM-DD.
Recommendedmovie-directorMovie director like Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, etc
Recommendedmovie-format(VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray).
Recommendedmovie-regionZone (e.g. 1 (USA), 2 (Europe), etc.)
Recommendedmovie-media-ratingPublic. Ex: Interdit aux moins de 18 ans…
Recommendedbook-formatFormat (Poche, broché ..).
Recommendedtyre-wet-gripWet Grip
Recommendedtyre-noise-classNoise Class
Recommendedmobilephone-contract-typeContract Type
Recommendedmobilephone-contract-lengthContract Length
Recommendedmobilephone-contract-total-costTotal contract cost
Recommendedmobilephone-monthly-hoursHours monthly
Recommendedvehicle-vendor-typeValues :* Professional

* Particular

Recommendedvehicle-zip-codeZip code
Recommendedvehicle-doorsNumber of doors
Recommendedvehicle-engine-sizeEngine Size
Recommendedvehicle-transmissionValue :* Manual

* Automatique

* Sequential

Recommendedvehicle-fuel-typeFuel Type
Recommendedvehicle-all-fuel-typesValues :* Petrol

* Diesel

* Gaz

* Electric

* Electric+Petrol

* Electric+Diesel

* Gaz+Petrol

* Gaz+Diesel

Recommendedvehicle-consumption-highwayConsumption details for highway driving
Recommendedvehicle-consumption-cityConsumption details for city driving
Recommendedvehicle-consumption-mixedMixed consumption details
Recommendedvehicle-electric-consumption-highwayConsumption details for highway driving
Recommendedvehicle-electric-consumption-cityConsumption details for city driving
Recommendedvehicle-electric-consumption-mixedMixed consumption details
Recommendedevent-zip-codeZip Code
Recommendedevent-start-dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD.
OptionalskuSKU code for product. This helps with the integration of your product.
Optionalmerchant-infoThis field allows you to associate additional information to your brand (and not the product). Ex: company overview, points of sale, delivery. (limited to 150 characters, including spaces).
OptionalcurrencyEx. EUR, GBP, DKK etc.
Optionalimage-url-2Link to an alternative image of the offer. Enter the largest image available on your site. Each image must be different
Optionalimage-url-3Link to an alternative image of the offer. Enter the largest image available on your site. Each image must be different
Optionalimage-url-4Link to an alternative image of the offer. Enter the largest image available on your site. Each image must be different
Optionalsales-rankThe classification of this product in terms of sales for the merchant. Lower numbers indicate they are most often sold.
Optionalunit-quantityThe quantity of contents. Ex: package contains 8 units of toothpaste.
Optionalmade-inThe country where the product was manufactured.
Optionalefficiency-classEfficiency class of offer (A+++,A++,A+,A,B,C,D,E,F,G).
Optionalstock-quantityNumber of products in stock
Optionalshipping-weightWeight of the item to shipping.
Optionalpayment-methodsList of methods of payment accepted (Visa, Paypal …)
Optionalvoucher-descriptionVoucher description. Limited to 180 characters including spacesRequired in France
Optionalvoucher-urlVoucher url. Link to your voucher page if available, or to your home page otherwise (limited to 20 characters including spaces).Required in France
Optionalvoucher-codeVoucher code. Code users have to type to benefit from your site’s voucher. Limited to 20 characters including spaces.Required in France
Optionalvoucher-start-dateStarting date for you voucher, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (ex : 2015-01-29)
Optionalvoucher-end-dateEnd date for you voucher, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (ex : 2012-11-29)
Optionalpercentage-promoLeave this field empty, Kelkoo will calculate it for you
OptionaloccasionUsed to mark offers for special events like Christmas day, Valentine day, and so on.
Optionalpromo-start-dateStarting date for promotion. Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (ex : 2015-10-29).
Optionalpromo-end-dateEnd date for promotion. Formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (ex : 2015-10-29)
Optionaluser-ratingNote to users. How users rated the product on the merchant site, 1 to 5, with 5 being best
Optionalnb-reviewsNumber of user reviews. The number of user reviews for this product on the merchant site
Optionaluser-review-linkThe URL for the user reviews on the merchant site.
Optionalvideo-linkThe URL to a video of the product.
Optionalvideo-titleThe title of the video.
Optionalmovie-release-dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD.
Optionalmusic-record-labelRecord label
Optionalmusic-release-dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD.
Optionalbook-release-dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD.
Optionalwine-number-bottlesNumber of bottles
Optionalevent-end-dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD.


What formats does Kelkoo accept (CSV, XML, API, etc)


Kelkoo accepts files in XML, TXT and CSV.


How to send your feed to Kelkoo


Kelkoo can receive feeds in several different ways:

  1. HTTP transfer mode

To use this transfer mode, you must provide a URL where we can find your complete Product data feed.

For example:

In the case of large volumes of data, your http server must be set to allow the complete download of the Product data feed.

  1. FTP transfer mode

If you want to submit your file to your FTP account, you must provide:

  • The address / URL of your FTP server
  • The name of the file(s) used, zipped if possible
  • A login and a password

On demand, you have the possibility to host your file on a Kelkoo FTP server. We will communicate your login and password as soon as your Kelkoo FTP server account will be created.

  1. FTP upload using Internet Explorer
  • Type in the following URL including username and password: need to be changed into the values provided by Kelkoo)
  • The next step is to open a FTP site in Windows Explorer. Press Alt, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in File Explorer.
  • You will then be prompted again for the username and password. Type in the provided values given by Kelkoo.
  • After opening the FTP Site, you are ready to upload your file. This can be done by either drag and drop, or copy paste into the FTP folder from your local folder.
  • Afterwards, either drag and drop or copy paste, you should see a confirmation that the file is being uploaded.

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