Exporting IBM Websphere Feeds

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IBM Websphere Commerce is an eCommerce platform built for enterprise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t natively have a way to automatically create optimized product feeds for channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, or Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

We’ve Built a Powerful IBM Websphere Integration to Easily Export the Most Up-To-Date Products!

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While IBM Websphere Commerce comes with powerful price optimization features, it doesn’t come with a way to dynamically create product feeds.

There are several options for exporting your feed:

1. Building a REST API utilizing

2. dataExtract Utility – using direct SQL calls

We can get a feed from IBM WebSphere Commerce, optimize your product data, and send it to any advertising or marketplace channel.

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Custom Products Client

Feedonomics helps custom art and apparel client increase revenue by 229% for millions of SKUs.

Auto Parts Client

Using Feedonomics, this auto part client increase ROAS by 299% by optimizing the product feed.

Flowers Client

Feedonomics helps flower client get a 3.7x increase in sales with optimization and expanding to multiple channels.