Starting 31 January 2019, Amazon will no longer accept older versions of Category Inventory Templates. Amazon has improved the product listing experience allowing you to customize your templates to list multiple products from different categories together. We recommend that you start using the new inventory template experience immediately.

You can create a template to suit your requirements and list different types of products across multiple categories using one template.

To list products using the new inventory templates:
1.      Log in to Seller Central.
2.      Under the “Inventory” tab, go to “Add Products via Upload“.
3.      On the “Download an Inventory File” tab, using the Search tool or Product Classifier, select the types of products that you want to list.
4.      Select your template type under “STEP 2: SELECT THE TYPE OF TEMPLATE.”
5.      Click “Generate Template” to download your new template.

To learn more about how to generate the customized template, visit the Create your inventory file template Help page

Additionally, Amazon has upgraded templates from the older versions.

To view the updated template:
1.      Log in to Seller Central.
2.      In Seller Central Help Pages, go to “Create your inventory file template“.

If you need help updating your Amazon Template please reach out to us.

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