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Heureka is the largest shopping guide on the Czech internet.




How to create a Heureka product feed

You can register a store with Heureka by providing your information at this link:



Required Heureka feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short Description
Product name Can include product name and number (e.g. Canon Powershot SX100). Max 255 characters.
Product IDUnique ID or code used to identify the product.
Product category The category that the product is listed under. Can include sub-categories.
Delivery costs How much it costs to get the product delivered.
Delivery date How long it takes to get the product delivered (e.g. 1-3 days).
Product image URL Link to the product image on the website.


Optional Heureka feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short Description
Product description Full description of product. The length of the description is not limited, but only 200 characters will be displayed in fulltext.
Product URL Link to the product page on the website.
Additional image URL Link to additional images of the product.
Product video URL Link to a video of the product.
Product priceFull price of product, including VAT.
VAT Amount of VAT included in the price.
Condition e.g. new, refurbished, second-hand, etc.
Product manufacturer Manufacturer or brand of the product.
EANEuropean article number
ISBNInternational standard book number.
Cost per click The maximum cost you are willing to offer per click.
Product variants Additional fields can be added to detail the product size, color, pattern, etc.
Accessory If the item has an accessory that can be listed, e.g. charger or case.
Gifts Details of any items that come free with the product, e.g. batteries.


What formats does Heureka accept?

Heureka accepts files in XML format. Files can also be compressed in GZip format.


How to send your product feed to Heureka

Heureka will download the file from a HTTP location. Files are downloaded every 2-4 hours.    


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