FeedSPI™: Large Jewelry Retailer


With thousands of rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches, this retailer is one of the world’s largest jewelry companies with hundreds of locations and a huge eCommerce presence.


Implementing FeedSPI Achieves a 19.4% ROAS Increase on Google Shopping over a 2 month period.


FeedSPI Results

Jewelry is a vertical that is well known to be price competitive. Often the only distinguishing factor for branded jewelry is the price.

By utilizing the data that FeedSPI gathers, custom labels based on the competitive landscape were created to group products strategically. Bids could be reduced when a particular SKU wasn’t priced competitively, and bids could be increased when a particular SKU wasn’t showing up on Google Shopping.

After tracking the results for 5 weeks, there was a clear trend of increased ROAS with a decreased CPA, all through one of the most difficult times of the year to improve performance – the Christmas shopping season.

With the power of FeedSPI and strategic bid optimization working together, this client was able to get ahead of the competition and achieve excellent performance gains.

The Results

The client began working with FeedSPI in December of 2016. The performance results are from the first 5 weeks of using Feedonomics.

(Dates compared 11/7/2016 – 1/13/2017)


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in CPC


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Conversion Rate

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