Shopping Engines & Marketplaces

Add As Many Channels As You Want


Hundreds of Possibilities

The Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) space is growing faster than ever, and with that comes expanding opportunities. One of the fastest growing is Google Shopping, which is entirely feed based. In addition there are numerous other shopping engines that should be taken advantage of as well. The greatest challenge of online retailers is expanding their reach to the many shopping engines and marketplaces that are available. This is due to the complexity, time and resources involved in setting up the feeds for the many shopping channels available. Feedonomics eliminates the challenges of disparate feed specifications, and saves serious time and money with it’s powerful automation technology

Multiple Feeds in a Timely Manner

With Feedonomics you can seamlessly export your data feed to multiple shopping engines in a short amount of time. Once your products have been mapped to Google’s taxonomy, Feedonomics will automatically map to all the other engines. By doing so we automate one of the most annoying feed management steps. In addition, all exports are fed however often you like!

  • Advertise the most up to date information to avoid warnings and suspensions on shopping engines
  • Automatic mappings for categories on all shopping engines
  • Easy to apply filters on products you don’t want to advertise
  • Warning notifications will alert you when there is an issue with your feed

Get the Most Out of Your Feed

Improving data quality will increase exposure to the right audience. Our intuitive interface allows you to easily customize your feed for any shopping engine to maximize your reach. Our team of Feedonomics analysts are experts in feed optimization and know what it takes to get you the most qualified traffic.

Tracking and Analytics Made Easy

Tracking on multiple engines is a prevalent issue. Properly tagging URLs can help show the traffic and revenue in Google Analytics, but these metrics don’t provide you the full insight you need.

The Feedalytics™ performance tracker allows you to see everything in one place. Gain insight on which channels are right for you, which categories are bringing in the most revenue, and even which SKUs are dragging down your ROAS. You can actively use this information to improve data quality to each engine.
  • Measure clicks, costs, transactions and revenue all in one place
  • Compare shopping engine performance
  • Get SKU level performance on each shopping engine
  • Get notifications for your Key Performance Indicators