Track Everything in One Place


Visibility & Control

Some of the limitations for CSEs have caused a “Set it & Forget it” mindset. Online marketers will advertise on shopping engines, but because of the difficulties involved in tracking & reporting, they will often set up their feeds & let them run blindly. This results in unnecessary spending. With our Feedalytics™ performance tracker, get full visibility on your return on investment for each engine. Track your Return on Ad Spend for every engine and compare them side by side. Even check up on SKU level performance on each channel, and easily stop advertising poor performing products. Identify the trends and patterns important to your business to make decisions for the future.

Cost Reporting & Performance Tracking

Sometimes Google Analytics just isn’t enough. Feedalytics™ will not only report on the traffic and revenue that you are driving to your site, but all the accrued costs on each channel. Use this information to find out which shopping engines are profitable and which ones are under-performing.