Powerful Automation You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.


Query Both Raw and Optimized Data

Using simple queries, you can see which products don’t contain brand, size, or color in their title. When products are properly optimized, your relevancy score goes up, and acquisition costs go down.

Bulk Changes

It can be difficult to make changes for hundreds or even thousands of products. Now you can easily make bulk changes to any aspect of your data in bulk.

Feed Audit Tools

Our image and link checker make sure that your product feeds have valid image and product page URLs. There’s nothing worse than spending advertising money on a product whose landing page has a 404 error.

Bulk Category Mapping

Anyone who has set up a feed before knows that category mapping is one of the most annoying parts of setting up product feeds. Our easy to use mapping interface saves you time because you just have to map once, and we’ll automatically convert the mapping to EVERY other engine.

Performance Automation

Easily see which products in each channel are not performing well. You can also add alerts to send you an email if the weekly CPA is too high for a particular channel.