Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate Feed Specifications

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Facebook’s dynamic ads for real estate allow you to show retargeting ads to people who have already viewed particular real estate properties.

facebook dynamic ads for real estate

What are steps to set up Facebook dynamic ads for real estate?

1. Create your Home Listing Catalog – this is the feed for your properties
2. Choose who to target and build out your ad campaigns

What feed fields do you need for Facebook dynamic ads for real estate?

The following are the required fields for Facebook dynamic ads for real estate:

home_listing_idstringUnique apartment/home/condo level id – most granular id possible.Yes
imageobjectMax items: 20Yes
image: urlstringImage source URL.Yes
image: tagstringNo
num_bedsfloatNumber of bedsNo
num_bathsfloatNumber of bathsNo
property_typestringType of property, Allowed values are: apartmentcondohouselandmanufacturedothertownhouse.No
listing_typestringType of listing. Allowed values are: for_rent_by_agentfor_rent_by_ownerfor_sale_by_agentfor_sale_by_ownerforeclosednew_constructionnew_listing.No
num_unitsintFor apartments, condos for rental, list the number of units available.No
addressobjectA complete address for the listing that must be resolvable to its location.Yes
address: addr1stringStreet address of this listing, e.g. 675 El Camino Real.Yes
address: citystringCity of this listing, e.g. Palo Alto.Yes
address: regionstringState, county, region or province of this listing, e.g. California.Yes
address: countrystringCountry of the listing, e.g. United States.Yes
address: postal_codestringPostal or zip-code of the listing, e.g. 94125 or NW1 3FG.No
neighborhoodstringListing neighborhood. Can have multiple. Max 20 items.Yes
latitudefloatThe latitude of the listing.Yes
longitudefloatThe longitude of the listing.Yes
pricestringSale or Rental price with ISO 4217 currency code.Yes
availabilitystringWhether or not the listing is available. Allowed values are: for_salefor_rentsale_pendingrecently_soldoff_marketavailable_soon.Yes
urlstringLink to listing page.Yes
applinkobjectApp link to listing.No

What format does Facebook dynamic ads for real estate use?
You can currently only provide an XML feed to Facebook. Facebook may support CSV in the future, but fortunately, Feedonomics can easily generate custom XML in any format, including for Facebook dynamic ads for real estate.

How you send your feed to Facebook?
You can either manually upload your feed, send it via FTP, or via API.

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