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hdsupplyAt HD Supply FM we started off thinking we would use Feedonomics simply to optimize our Google Shopping feed but quickly realized we needed it for many other applications. I managed the search program for a large B2B ecommerce site with over 70,000 products online and 44 distribution centers in the US and Canada. We wanted to expand our new customer acquisition through paid search but had struggled to get our data into the category format required by Google. Initial campaign tests though our PPC agency for Google Shopping were mediocre at best and we felt that the reason was data formatting.
Large enterprise and even medium-size companies in our space often rely on vendors supplied data. I often think of the saying, “you’re only as good as your data” and since we receive our data from over 1,000 sources that data can be incomplete or formatted in multiple ways. Consolidating our data feed into Feedonomics not only allowed us to transform our data into the required Google Shopping formats but we then turned on Bing Shopping and kept going from there.
When I showed Feedonomics to our data governance team they immediately recognized several ways they could begin to normalize brand names, acronyms, materials and sizes to improve our faceted data. Our distribution centers rely on the same data for our audio enabled product picking system as it reads off the titles and descriptions. When abbreviations are used production slows as warehouse pickers cannot understand what is being said. Now we are taking a closer look at all of our value add vendors* that rely on our data streams to provide PPC, SEO, retargeting, on-site recommendations and reviews. They all have specific data requirements even down to character level for special encoding of ASCII characters.
The Feedonomics team had been able to transform our data to meet all of our requirements, including setting up secure SFTP connections. We have dramatically improved our ability to leverage our clean data feeds in many more ways. Now, we are better than our data!

Marv Ahlstrom
Search Manager
HD Supply FM

*Facebook ads, Bloom Reach, Criteo, Rich Relevance, Bazaar Voice, Google and Bing