Dynamic Text Ads for Large Dress Shop

With over 1 million dresses, this online dress store sells high-end brands. They noticed that even large brands were doing a bad job of targeting model number/SKU level keywords on Google, and saw a huge opportunity to do better.

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Dynamic Text Ads With Feedonomics Achieves a 125% ROAS Increase on Google Adwords.


This dress client knew that many customers who converted often searched for very specific dresses, using a combination of brand and model number. To that end, they manually created half a dozen “brand+model number” Adwords campaigns, targeting multiple countries. Each product essentially had an ad, and the ad copy included the brand and model number of the dress.

With so much to manage manually, they had a very difficult time making any kind of bulk updates, and a lot of ad spend was being wasted on products that were out-of-stock. Feedonomics solved these issues by automating the whole process. Dresses that were out-of-stock could automatically be paused, and those same products could be unpaused when they came back in stock. Feedonomics could also dynamically add new products as they came in, and pause products that were removed from the product feed.

Automating creation of new ad groups daily, and pausing/removing the under-performing ones created an 80% lift in conversion rate, and 125% lift in ROAS, making this channel perform better than their branded campaigns! Moreover, the statistics above are from the old campaigns during their season, and the API campaigns are off-season, so the numbers are under-represented.

The Results

The client began working with Feedonomics Dynamic Text Ads in May of 2017.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Revenue on Brand+Model Campaigns

Feedonomics Dynamic Text Ad Solution

There are many ways to structure an Adwords campaign – segmenting by product category or by brand are two of the most common. But what if you could create dynamic text ads that are inventory aware, meaning you can pause ads when a product goes out of stock, and vice-versa?

You could have a dynamic text ad for each and every product, so when someone searches for your exact product, you would have higher relevancy than the rest of the competition. You can even have keywords targeting exact matches or broad matches, but with the flexibility for any kind of targeting from your optimized product titles.

You can dynamically insert any variables in your feed into the ad copy. For instance, you can have changing prices, availability, or even discounts in the ad copy:

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