DoubleClick Feed Specifications

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DoubleClick provides businesses with internet ad services. Founded in 1996 they are now a subsidiary of Google. Their offerings include DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager,  DoubleClick Search, DoubleClick Creative Solutions, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and Google Analytics Premium. DoubleClick Creative Solutions helps simplify the digital ad creation process.



How to create a DoubleClick feed

The first step to creating a DoubleClick feed is to create an account by going through their initial signup process at . After your account is setup, you will need to begin setting up your store with a product feed.


As a part of their DoubleClick Creative Solutions, you will have the ability to set up an dynamic feed. You will need to make sure that the filename of your sheet begins with a letter (as opposed to a number). Ex. “ProductFeed1” (good) / “1stProductFeed” (bad)
Required DoubleClick Feed Fields


Field NameDescription
Unique_IDThis column header is so each row in your sheet can be associated with a unique id value. DoubleClick uses this field to track rows across multiple feeds and changes.
Reporting_LabelThis column is used for the reporting modules in DoubleClick Campaign Manager. You will be using this label to differentiated content changes between rows. For example, one row may contain “Shoes_for_teachers” while the next row contains “Shoes_for_nurses”.


Optional DoubleClick Fields

Most feeds will contain many of these items but these are not required fields. You will need to separate columns in the feed for each dynamic element of your feed.


Field NameDescription
TargetingThis field is for dynamic content selection strategies which you can read more about here
Headline_TextThis field is for the headline text copy for the ad. You may also use HTML code for line breaks, superscripts, etc.
Headline_ColorThis field is for changing the color of the copy dynamically. Use the desired hex code for the color you want. For example enter #ff0000 to make the text red.
Headline_Font_SizeThis field is changing the font size of the copy. If the font size of the headline and CTA (call to action) are both changing dynamically, add one column for headline font size and one column for CTA font size. The same principle applies to font colors. For example enter “12” for a 12 point font size.
CTAThis field is for text copy for the call-to-action text. If desired, use HTML code for line breaks, superscripts, etc.
Image_URLThis field is for the full URL to where the image is hosted, using PNG or JPG format. This only needs to be a temporary location for hosting the image; Google will pull the image down when the feed is uploaded and stores a copy of it on Google servers for delivery when an impression is registered.
Exit_URLThis field is for the full URL to which the user is directed after a click.
DefaultThis field will hold either a TRUE or FALSE indicator.  This allows you to set certain rows in the feed as default content. If the user viewing the ad does not meet any of the targeting criteria, then the user will be served the default row of content.
ActiveThis field will hold either a TRUE or FALSE indicator.  It enables you to determine which rows in your feed are eligible to be served by turning the rows on or off.

What formats does DoubleClick accept?

DoubleClick primarily wants users to upload product files via Google spreadsheet but also accepts CSV (Comma-separated values) and XML formats.

How to send your feed to DoubleClick?

Inside the DoubleClick dashboard you will need to click on New Content in order to import your feed. Select your file either from Google Docs or import as a CSV or XML. Then you will click Start Import. You will then have the opportunity to review the content and then match fields. If everything looks correct then click Save and Continue to import your data.



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