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Domodi is the largest search engine in Poland with links to hundreds of online clothing stores.


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How to create a Domodi product feed

You can register for a Domodi account here:


Required Domodi feed fields with a description of each field

No specific fields for the Domodi product feed are listed as an essential requirement but it is advised to include as many fields as you can to maximise reach.


Optional Domodi feed fields with a description of each field

Field Names Short Description
Product ID


Unique product ID or product number.
Product group ID


If the product has a group ID number.
Product title


Full name or title of the product.


Manufacturer part/product number
Product description


Short description of the product
Product URL


Link to the product page on the website.
Product video URL


Link to a video of the product.
Product image URL


Link to the product image on the website.
Additional product images


Links to any additional images of the product.
Product price


Full price of the product including currency (e.g. 11.95 EUR).
Sale price


Reduced price for the product.
Product brand


Product brand or manufacturer (e.g. Reebok).
Product category


Can include sub-categories, e.g. Men>Shoes>Sneakers


Global trade item number.


How many of the product are in stock.


Whether the product is available for adults.
Product color


What color the product is. If the product is available in multiple colors, include them here.
Product size


What size the product is.
Size system


What system the size belongs to, e.g. EU, US.
Product material


e.g. leather, suede, etc.
Product style


e.g. sports, formal, etc.


Which season the product is designed for, if applicable.


Whether the product is designed for male, female, etc.
Shipping details


Information on shipping costs, what type of service, etc. Need to be included as separate lines within the <shipping> field, e.g. <price>, <service>, etc.


What formats does Domodi accept?

The feed needs to be submitted in XML.


How to send your feed to Domodi

The feed needs to be uploaded to a URL location. It is recommended that you update your XML feed at least four times a day.


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