Feedonomics vs.
Shopify app

Feedonomics provides ongoing, 24/7 support
and more control over your product catalog
than the Shopify app

Comparison Overview

Shopify offers a native app for product listing, but it has limited functionality and forces you to figure out complex data processes on your own.

If you want you to stand out on competitive channels like Facebook and Google, you can’t settle for a cookie-cutter approach to product feed management.

Feedonomics uses powerful technology and a full-service support team to help you list products on hundreds of shopping channels. Our feed specialists work with you to ensure your catalog is optimized according to each channel’s best practices, and that errors are taken care of quickly to maximize sales.

Here are some notable differences between Feedonomics and the Shopify app:
Featureschanneladvisor vs feedonomicsShopify app
Includes feed setup, optimization, and ongoing, 24/7 support (one-hour urgent and three-hour standard response times)
Interchangeable data sources
Deleting the Shopify app is irreversible and deactivates your catalog within Facebook
Content control beyond standard data fieldsYesNo
Ability to populate category-specific attributesYesNo
Flexible content IDsYesNo
Can set lifestyle images as primary imagesYesNo
Create dynamic feed by crawling any website
Process millions of SKUs in seconds with no limits on scheduling frequency
Custom alerts to help monitor feed health
Ability to modify order-level payloads
Payment gateway, order-level tags, shipping method

Who should use Feedonomics?

Merchants with the following needs are a good fit for Feedonomics:

  • Changing data sources from a pre-existing Feed solution. Feedonomics reviews and matches your catalog’s current Content ID to ensure no data is lost during the transfer.

  • Pilot Program participation. We can provide feeds that are outside of the standard practice to meet pilot program requirements in a timely manner.

  • Merchants who have strict merchandising practices and do not want out-of-stock listings to appear within their Facebook/Instagram Shops. Feedonomics can set export-if conditions, while clients who use Shopify may have to manually move out-of-stock listings to draft mode to disable the view from Facebook and Instagram.

  • Merchants who want more control. Feedonomics gives you more flexibility and control over your feeds so you can deliver the intended brand narrative.

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