CJ Affiliate by Conversant Feed Management

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CJ Affiliate is one of the largest affiliate channels out there. Now owned by Conversant, CJ Affiliate claims to have twice as many Internet Retailers 500 companies as their competitors. CJ Affiliate is definitely a great affiliate marketing channel to try.




So how do you send CJ Affiliate your product feed?

CJ Affiliate has a 36 page PDF explaining the full process and CJ Affiliate specifications. Luckily, we make it easy by telling you everything you need to include in your feed here.

Here are the most important header fields you need:

CID – your CJ account number

SUBID: Your subscription ID

PROCESSTYPE – whether this will overwrite your whole feed, or just update existing product data on CJ Affiliate

AID: Your Product Catalog Ad ID number.

Encoding: Is your CJ Affiliate feed UTF-8, ISO-8859, Latin 1, etc.

Parameters – the actual columns of data you include in your feed. Typical parameters look like: &PARAMETERS=NAME|KEYWORDS|DESCRIPTION

We’ll go into detail what each of theese parameters are:
NAME – your product title. This is one of the most important attributes for optimization due to relevancy

KEYWORDS – keywords that describe the product (separated by a comma)

DESCRIPTION – your product description

SKU – your SKU

AVAILABLE – YES or NO for stock availability of a product.


PRICE – The undiscounted price of the product

RETAILPRICE – The suggested retail price

SALEPRICE – the sale price

BUYURL – Product landing page URL


You can send your CJ feed in many different formats, like Pipe delimited, tab delimited, CSV, and XML.


How can you send CJ Affiliate your feed? 

You can either send a feed via FTP, email, or even HTTP/S. The easiest of course is an FTP.


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