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Cdiscount is a large French e-commerce website selling many different categories of products. In 2013 their revenue was 1.6 Billion. They also have a presence in Brazil. 

cdiscount France

How to create a Cdiscount product feed

You need to set up a Cdiscount account by completing this form:


Required Cdiscount feed fields with a description of each field

The following are a list of required Cdiscount fields

Field Name Short description
Product category Category your product is listed under. You will be able to download the Cdiscount category list.
Brand The brand name or manufacturer of the product.
Product description Description of your product, in 500 characters or less. The text must be in French.
Product identifier Unique code to identify your product, which should be either a UPC or EAN.
Product condition Condition of your product, e.g. new, used. A list os provided for you to select from.
Product titleFull title of the product, in French. Max 132 characters.
Product color Color of your product, in French. Will need to include variants if available in more than one color.
Product size Size of product. Cdiscount provides a list of values allowed for this field. Must be listed in EU sizing and in French, if text used.
Product images Max size 3000 x 3000 pixels. Max file size of 5MB.
Eco tax Small fee that can be charged so that the product can be recycled. Numerical value only, no symbols.
Furniture eco tax Similar to eco tax above, but for furniture products.
Product price Full price in Euros.
VATValue added tax charged on the product. Numerical value only, no % symbol.
Align price You can activate this function if you wish Cdiscount to automatically reduce the price of your item to 0.01EUR cheaper than the best offer for your product on the website.
Shipping You need to provide charges for three types of shipping class, plus minimum and maximum delivery time.


What formats does Cdiscount accept?

The product feed is done live via your Cdiscount account so you do not need to save and submit anything in a particular format.


How to send your feed to Cdiscount

The feed is automatically submitted live as you input the details to your account.

Need help in optimizing your feed and getting it to Cdiscount? We can help, feel free to contact us below.

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