Buscape Feed Specifications


Buscape is an online price comparison channel that is gaining a lot of popularity in Central and South America.


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Here are their product feed specifications:

groupIdStringProduct group
skuStringProduct ID (Max size 240 characters)
barcodeStringBarcode of the product (Max size 240 characters)
categoryStringProduct category (eg Electronics> TV). (Max size 255 characters)
titleStringTitle of the product (Max 200 character size)

Description of the product, accepts HTML tags:

  • <p>, <b>, <strong>, <i>, <div>, <span>

Script and/or inline css, or any other tag not listed above will not be accepted.

linkLomadeeStringProduct link for Lomadee (Max size 4094 characters)
linkStringProduct link for Buscapé (Max size 4094 characters)
imagesArrayArray of product images (Max. 4094 characters each image)
pricesJsonShould contain the following attributes: type, price, priceLomadee, and installment
quantityIntegerAvailable quantity
isbnStringISBN number for books
sizeHeightDoubleProduct height (cm)
sizeLengthDoubleProduct length (cm)
sizeWidthDoubleProduct width (cm)
weightValueIntegerProduct weight (grams)
technicalSpecificationsMapTechnical specifications
productAttributesMapCharacteristics that can generate variation between the same product like color, voltage, size, etc.


More Information

File Header

The first line of your file should contain the attribute names of each cell and in the rows below their values, following the header structure, as in the CSV template above.

Product Images:

The array must be done in the following form: [“URL_1”, “URL_2”, …, “URL_N”].

JSON model for prices:

You should send a JSON in the following format: [“” “” “”, “price”: 0, “priceLomadee”: 0, “installment”: 0}, {“type”: “”, “price”: 0 , “priceLomadee”: 0, “installment”: 0, “installmentValue”: 0}]

Technical specifications:

A JSON (Map) should be sent in the following format: {“Specifier_name_1”: “Specifier_value_2”, “Specifier_name_2”: “Specifier_value_2”}.

Product Attributes:

A JSON (Map) should be sent in the following format: {“Attribute_name_1”: “Attribute_value_1”, “Attribute_2_name”: “Attribute_value_2”}.buscape


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