Belboon Feed Specifications

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Since 2002 Belboon has helped advertisers, agencies, and publishers maximize their revenue through its high-reach performance network. Belboon works as a dedicated advisor and partner for over 1,800 advertisers and more than 65,000 publishers. Through our personalized approach and consulting as well as its state-of-the-art tracking technology Belboon is a great channel to try.


How to create a Belboon feed?

Feedonomics allows you to easily create a Belboon feed with the correct feed specifications shown below.


Column NameSQL-Data-TypeMandatory FieldDescription
Merchant_Product_NumberVARCHAR (255)YesDie Product/Article number is your internal, specific Product Key (MPN, MRN etc.)
EAN_CodeVARCHAR (255)Highly rec-ommendedEuropean Article Number, alsoPZN or ISBN
Product NameTEXTYesThis is the article name of the product
ManufacturerTEXTSmartFeedrelevant*The product Manufacturer
BrandTEXTSmartFeedrelevant*The brand name of the product
PriceDEC (6,2)YesThe actual price
Price_oldDEC (6,2)Here you can enter an old price
CurrencyVARCHAR (5)YesShort form for the Currency, that the prices are give in, e.g. EUR, USD, GBP
Valid_FromDATETIMEDate from which the „Price” for that particular product is rele­vant; Format: dd-mm-yyyy
Valid_ToDATETIMEThe date the price for that particular product is valid until; Format: dd-mm-yyyy
DeepLink_URLTEXTYesThe URL that leads direct to the website page of the rele­vant product (product page).
Into_Basket_URLTEXTThe URL that can place the relevant product into the checkout (thus the link-URL, which is linked with the “Place in Shopping cart” Button of the relevant product).
Image_Small_URLTEXTYesURL (direct) to a small product picture (ideally max. 100x100 Pixel)
Image_Small_HEIGHTINT (11)RecommendedHeight (in Pixel) The small product picture.
Image_Small_WIDTHINT (11)RecommendedWidth (in Pixel) The small product picture.


What feed format does Belboon accept?

Belboon accept CSV and TXT feeds.


How to send a feed to Belboon?

Belboon feeds can be sent via a public URL or via an FTP.


Belboon SmartFeed

Inside of the Belboon interface, you can utilize their SmartFeed Creator tool which allows you to personalize the feed, by choosing the separator (comma or tab delimited), as well as the feed format.


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