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Affiliate Future provides advertisers with an effective market solution through its affiliate network and tools.


How to create an Affiliate Future feed

You can register an account with Affiliate Future by filling out this short form here:


Someone from the company will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your application.


Required Affiliate Future feed fields and a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product name Name of the product (e.g. Adidas Lifestyle Trainers). Max 255 characters.
Brand Name of brand. Maximum 100 characters.
Product category This field should include at least one category and can include multiple sub-categories, e.g. Adidas Footwear>Football Boots.
Short description Short description of the product. Maximum 400 characters.
Long description Detailed description of the product. Include as much information as you can. Maximum 4000 characters.
Product URLLink to the product page on the website. The link must start with ‘http://’
Product image URL Link to a full size image of the product. The link must start with ‘http://’
Offer price The current price for the product in GBP and including VAT. Include decimal point but not currency symbol, e.g. ‘49.95’.


Optional Affiliate Future feed fields with a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product code Unique ID that is used for the product. This can be a SKU or UPC number.
Product RRPRegistered retail price for the product, in GBP and including VAT. Include decimal point but no currency symbol.
Promo text Any promotional text to be included, e.g. ‘50% off for this week only’. Maximum 250 characters.
Delivery lead days How long it will take to get the product delivered, e.g. ‘3 days’, ‘2 weeks’, etc.
Delivery cost Price of postage and packing in GBP. This can include a £ sign.


What formats does Affiliate Future accept?


Affiliate Future will accept XML, CSV and TXT delimited files.


How to send your feed to Affiliate Future

Your file need to be uploaded to a URL and FTP address. The file can be comma, tab or pipe delimited and can include a quoted identifier. However, the text in each field must not contain extra delimiters or identifiers for the feed to work.

Need help in optimizing your feed and getting it to Affiliate Future? We can help, feel free to contact us below.

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