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AdRoll is a remarketing platform used by over 35k advertisers on over 500 ad exchanges, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. AdRoll enables you to retarget shopping cart abandoners, past visitors to your site, or any kind of site interaction.



What kind of Feed format does AdRoll accept? 

AdRoll accepts multiple feed formats, from Google Shopping, to Amazon, even to a Shopzilla/Connexity feed.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should ensure the you have the following required fields:

Product IDs – a unique product ID

Titles – Your product title

Image URLs: one or multiple URLs for your product images

Product URLs: Landing page URLs for your products


Optional fields: 



Product Categories


Additional Fields


How to send your feed to AdRoll?
You can send your feed to AdRoll either through a URL or through an FTP.


Some other notes: 

1. Make sure you don’t have duplicate product IDs, otherwise AdRoll won’t be able to match the products.

2. Don’t change the feed structure or file type, otherwise it will throw AdRoll off

3. Make sure you have your whole feed in just one file.

4. AdRoll product feeds should include one row per item group, not one row per variation. Feedonomics can easily do this!

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