Admarkt Marktplaats Feed Management

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Admarkt Marktplaats is a digital advertising marketplace for both small and large businesses in the Netherlands.

How to create an Admarkts Markplaats product feed


You can set up an account via this link here:


Required Admarkts Marktplaats feed fields with a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product IDUnique ID for the product (e.g. SKU)
Product category The category the product should be advertised in
Product title The title of the product or advertisement
Product description Short description of the product. Maximum of 1000 characters.
Product URLLink to the product page on the website
Product price The price as a whole number. The currency is assumed to be Danish Kroner.
Price type Currently only ‘Fixed Price’ is accepted
Cost-per-click value The cost-per-click value of the advertisement. This is only required for TopAnnounce feeds


Optional Admarkts Marktplaats feed fields with a description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product image Link to the product image on the website


There is an unlimited number of optional fields that can be added. It is recommended that large feeds (5000+ fields) are split into multiple smaller feeds to help with processing.


What formats does Admarkts Marktplaats accept?

Feeds need to be given in XML format.


How to send your product feed to Admarkts Markplaats

The system can read data from an HTTP location which should not be set up for download. The feed should be encoded in UTF-8 without Byte Order Markers (BOM) and with Unix (LF) line terminators.

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