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This online flower retailer is one of the oldest nationwide flower delivery services. An ideal location for valentine’s day, anniversaries, and sympathy flowers, this client has the freshest flowers for any occasion.

Feed Optimization with Feedonomics Achieves a 3.7X Increase in Sales for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Campaigns.


This flower client had been using a simple legacy feed platform to manage about 5,000 products. Their system didn’t allow for complex manipulations, so their performance was barely breaking even on Google Shopping. In addition, they had numerous policy violations.

They had the desire to try to other channels, but since Google Shopping was performing so poorly, an expansion couldn’t be justified. The feed from the merchant’s shopping platform was missing data like the manufacturer, flower color, bouquet size, and even the product type in the title and description. Lastly, The category taxonomy had also been incorrectly done for Google Shopping and Shopzilla.

The Results


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Impressions


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Revenue

Solving Feed Optimization Problems

With a holistic approach to product feed management, Feedonomics helped solve the numerous feed optimization problems, to help actual user queries match the client’s products.


  • Optimized the raw data feed by adding the manufacturer, color, size, and product type to titles and descriptions.
  • Created titles for products that had empty titles.
  • Recategorized all products for the various engines, as previous taxonomy was incorrectly done.
  • Identified and ensured unprofitable products were not fed.
  • Created and optimized Facebook Dynamic Product Feed, Amazon Product Ad Feed, and Connexity Feeds.
  • Created custom labels based on competitor pricing.


Auto Parts Client

This auto part client increases ROAS by 299% by optimizing their product feeds with Feedonomics.


ROAS Increase

Agency Client

This agency client increases ROAS by an average of 184% across 29 clients using Feedonomics.


ROAS Increase

Flower Client

This large  scale flower client gets a 3.7x increase in online product sales by using Feedonomics.


Sales Increase

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Feedonomics helps custom apparel and art client increase revenue by 229% for millions of SKUs.


Revenue Increase

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