Unresolved Google Merchant Center (GMC) errors and disapprovals can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue per day.

Typical common GMC errors:

  • Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation
  • Product pages cannot be accessed
  • Missing images
  • Invalid price in attribute: price
  • Incorrect product identifiers
  • Item requires a GTIN
  • Missing shipping information


  • More sales – FeedAlerts™ tells you when you need to fix errors, resulting in more active products and increased sales
  • Saves time & money – Spend your time doing more important things than manually checking for GMC errors.
  • Client retention (Agencies) – Don’t lose clients due to unchecked GMC errors.

Key Features

  • FeedAlerts™ can check for errors up to hourly
  • Set any kind of error threshold you want
  • Receive email alert with detailed error stats

So What Should You Do?

FeedAlerts™. Catch these errors before they become a problem, and ensure that your products are live on Google Shopping and generating sales.

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